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Can’t we just get along?

More “bikelashin’” via the NY Post.  I just don’t get why the need for some to stir the pot. _nVqzXIaenAMH4fU1A1m6gM Your thoughts? Advertisements

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Happy Easter

wishes to all, and hopefully spring weather and beautiful rides!  This photo is from an Easter celebration long ago at my grandparents home, my two older sisters and I have on our Easter coats and bonnets!

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Self Portraits = PANDAS

Grin it and Bear it!    In April 2009, I traveled to Atlanta to view the High’s amazing Terracotta Army exhibit, which was absolutely amazing. And then we headed to ZooAtlanta to visit this adorable little guy…Which brings me in … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day

Two bike related photos seen while walking…one at the train station, I think the graphic is awesome, and certainly the tour!  Also loved Google’s earth graphic today!

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Sinusitus = Hiatus #30daysofbiking

…I was ill a week ago, and haven’t felt 100% since.  I’ve been up most nights with pain in my face, and head, and doing my best to get through the day.  I’ve tried to just live with it, assuming … Continue reading

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Primary Colors #30daysofbiking

It  was a bit cooler than Thursday, but the sun was still shining brightly, and the sky blue, when I went out for a quick evening ride.  Wearing red merrel tee strap shoes, and a red and white gingham scarf … Continue reading

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Evening Ride #30daysofbiking

As much as I hoped to ride yesterday, I didn’t have a spare moment to do so!  When I left work this evening it the warm fresh air was calling to my legs and lungs.  I changed from a skirt … Continue reading

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