Evening Ride #30daysofbiking

As much as I hoped to ride yesterday, I didn’t have a spare moment to do so!  When I left work this evening it the warm fresh air was calling to my legs and lungs.  I changed from a skirt to slacks and hopped on my pashley for an evening ride, armed only with my iphone.  I’ve been playing around with it, attempting to improve my panda shots, and enjoying having one less thing to bring with me as I ride!  With my head cleared, and feeling peaceful, I headed home!  Kara posted terrific photos of her Betty Foy she created with her hipstamatic app http://knittinglemonade.blogspot.com/, and I figured I’d take a few tonight with the app I downloaded, Instagram.


About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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2 Responses to Evening Ride #30daysofbiking

  1. Kara says:

    Cute! Gotta love these old timey picture apps. Your neighborhood looks so cute and springy.

  2. I’m enjoying playing with my iphone a lot! The main reason I decided to purchase it was for the camera. My neighborhood – it’s a suburb about 35 miles from the city. And 5 miles or less to lovely beaches. I will most likely be moving soon, about 10 miles away.

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