This blog is dedicated to those of us who are inspired to ride our bicycles as part of a healthy lifestyle, and of course for FUN! 


5 Responses to About

  1. Traci says:

    Hi Maureen – thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding new bike blogs, so hope you don’t mind that I added yours to my blog roll 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    Sorry to read about your fall – hope your healing process is moving along. I came across your site via the Just Like Riding A Bike blog – I like your site! Hope you get back to riding soon!

  3. PaddyAnne says:

    Hello… I am re-reading your post from yesterday, this time from my desktop screen, which is considerably larger than my small laptop… Today I was able to read/focus on the title of yesterdays post and access the links provided. Having done so I am very embarrassed as I realize that my comment of yesterday did not acknowledge (grasp?) the full extent of what you had to say. I offer both my apologies at sounding a bit glib, and at not fully reading what you were writing. Take care. Ride on!

    • Dear PaddyAnne, Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I very much appreciate them. I in know way thought you were being glib! I do know what you mean though, when you read from a small screen. If I end up replying to something (which I’d rather not from the iphone), inevitably when I see my response later on the larger screen it is overrun with typos. Again- thanks so much for ALL your SWEET comments! Much appreciated! Maureen

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