Skirting the Issue


Flower Power

Today is once again hazy, humid and HOT!  However, I know I have a happier, and more productive day when I ride.  Several comments I read based on a recent Wall Streat Journal article, The Season of Biker  Chic surprised me.  The link is below.  I was directed to this article from Biking in Heels,  I optimistically like to believe most people would be accepting of all, regardless of their bike and wardrobe style.  With the article and comments in the back of my mind, I wore a skirt and sandals.

     If you read the article and/or comments, do you have any thoughts you would like to share?

     Due to the ever present sun, I looked anything BUT stylish by the time I arrived home.  I quickly changed from a white tee shirt type shirt, to a loose lightweight black cotton blouse, wedge sandals, and pinned up my hair.  Speaking of hair, I would appreciate any tips for riding with a helmet with shoulder length hair and bangs.  TIA!

Swimming in the stillness.

Can a duck take a swan dive?
Creating a shadow.

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