Finding calmness and serenity

Finding calmness and serenity in my life, are two of the ways yoga inspires me to live my life with intention and focus.  Additionally, balance, strength, flexibility and stability are just a few of the positive benefits for me as a cyclist, and as a woman!  Last night a local yoga studio hosted a “Yoga at the Ocean” evening.  I only took a picture before we began, and as we ended, so not to disturb anyone’s peace or practice.  “Let the light within me salute the light within you.”  Namaste!

Sunset, Strength and Stability

About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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2 Responses to Namaste

  1. Looks perfectly peaceful to me… I’m jealous!

    • It really was great! Look around online, maybe there is somewhere near you that does outdoor yoga. Practicing outdoors is a very different experience, very spiritual, and also in some ways a bit more challenging than indoors: wind, sun, noise…etc.

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