Cycling Protocol


Colder weather is on the horizon here on the east coast.  The winds have made riding a bit more challenging many days.  I’m just starting to have to add some thicker layers to my ride, and very much enjoyed these winter cycling tips from Vanessa, of For the Love of Bikes, at

The bell in the above photo, and to the left, is the only one I have found to fit the width of my Trek Fx handle bars.  I wish it were a bit louder, and pleasing to hear.

And on LGRB, Dottie wrote a post regarding the standard, “On your left” warning, and the ring of the bell as you  pass others.  I have thought this proper cycling procedure, and try to follow the protocol.  And yet, recently I’ve been met with annoyed responses (“Yeah, I know you are…”) by walkers on a bike trail I frequent.  Additionally, when people have earphones in the ears, I don’t know if there is any benefit of signaling them by bell or phrase.  Dottie linked a reference to a Change Your Life, Ride a Bike blog entry with more on proper passing,

What your thoughts and suggestions on signaling others by bell and/or words, that you are about to pass?   And please share tips on riding in the colder weather too!

P.S. I was very fortunate to have been asked to review a beautiful winter women’s cycling jersey, and the company is also providing an additional one for a reader, so please check for info regarding that in a few days!


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5 Responses to Cycling Protocol

  1. Kara says:

    I always feel weird saying “on your left.” Especially on a path or in a park. Most people don’t move out of the way anyway. They are just like to go on their way.

  2. Susan says:

    I can only speak as a pedestrian these days…I rarely hear “to your left” but when I do, I know it’s someone of the old school…which pleases me no end:)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Maureen! I’ll see you on Twitter…xo

  3. So Kara, do you ring your bell to alert walkers/joggers or other cyclists?
    And Susan, …Old School…yep! : )

  4. Karen says:

    I prefer to use my bike bell because they just sound cheerful and friendly. Plus they are just fun to use and they get people’s attention. Once, however, my bell startled an older gentleman walking w/ his wife in front of me. His wife heard my bell but the man seemed rather irritated w/ me. I think he was probably just a grouchy person in general so I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

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