Giving Gratitude, or in the words of Jon Stewart, “Your moment of zen”

Here we are in November already, and while riding this weekend I had to stop and give thanks.  As I rode I reflected on the beauty of the azure sky and bay, and the way the sun sparkled on the ocean.  How lucky I am to make this ride so often, and to experience nature’s magnificent beauty!

And I mostly ride solo, but I once more had the pleasure of the company of my oldest son and his lovely girlfriend, who both radiate such positive joy!


And so while riding I gave thanks to my maker, for letting me take part in all of this.  I gave gratitude for my two  muscular legs, good strong lungs, and for the world in which I live in.  May you all have beautiful rides to bring you joy, happiness and peace.

*ML rode the Schwinn Cream, W used my Trek, and I rode the Pashley


About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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5 Responses to Giving Gratitude, or in the words of Jon Stewart, “Your moment of zen”

  1. What a beautiful bike path! You are so lucky, indeed!

  2. Blue skies, green grass, bike lanes, and good company. What a perfect biking day you had! I just love these moments.

  3. Jessica, I hope you find many beautiful rides near your new home!

    Mondaybiker, NY in autumn, it doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

  4. I am still astonished to feel how grateful for life that I am whenever I am on my bike. Here’s to more stunning fall rides!

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