Goals, and Glorious Weather

Zack's Bay, Jones Beach 10/10

I rode the same path last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (off for Columbus Day). It did not get dull in the least. I had goals in mind: riding more upright-thereby putting less pressure on my neck and shoulders, and increasing my stamina.  Yesterday I did the reverse route to change things up slightly, and I’m heading out shortly again.  It was windy, but so worth it.  Who could get bored by such beauty?

 Do you notice your hands falling asleep when you ride?

I read it is a result of leaning into the handlebar too much, and not using your core enough.  While I like to ride more of an upright bike, I use my Trek for distances longer than 3 – 5 miles. As I rode, I stayed very conscious of my position in the saddle, and tried to keep looking straight ahead, not down.

What do you think about while you ride?

Bicyclists (me included) waiting for a sailboat with a large mast to pass by.

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Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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One Response to Goals, and Glorious Weather

  1. Joodie says:

    You had some beautiful weather on your rides to the beach. We were at the beach this morning for the breast cancer walk-so many people walking on a lovely day for a great cause!

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