Summer Streets, Had Me a Blast!

     Yesterday, August 20th was the final day  of NYC’s 2011Summer Streets, when Park Avenue was closed to motor vehicles from 73rd Street all the way downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Doing so provided an extraordinary opportunity to walk, jog, run, skate, jump (really, see photos) and/or cycle without any worries regarding the usual hectic city traffic.

Just as it was last week, the atmosphere of the day was fun and cheerful, with oh so many delighted smiling faces.  Comments I overheard as I rode were: “This is sooo cool.”,  “Isn’t this great?” etc.

Sponsors such as Whole Foods, REI, and Bicycle Habitat offered nutritious refreshments and entertaining activities, such as rock climbing, yoga, and bicycle repairs.  Generous volunteers from organizations such as Transportation Alternatives offered bike valet service.

If all of this wasn’t sensational enough, I met up with a few outstanding NY “ladybikers”  at the midtown rest stop:  Whole Foods City Picnic.  I’ve had the sincere pleasure of meeting yesterday’s birthday girl, the inspiring,  genuine  Sheryl Yvette  on previous occasions. Sheryl truly could be the grand marshal of a bicycle parade down each fashionable NY avenue any day of the week.  Julie, with Malaika,  was kind enough to arrange a meet up with several fellow “LadyBike twitter and blog friends.” Julie’s readers easily recognized her, and came over to say, “hi”.  Additionally, I got to meet the totally sweet and talented  SuperKat ,  and her hilarious husband! Brand new to NY cycling was Kim, along with Houdini her adorable canine passenger. What could be cuter than a fluffy dog along for the ride?

Due to a slight kink in my plans, I rode my Trek FX 7.3.  It’s light and nimble and was really a dream to ride along Park Avenue! I really planned on bringing the Schwinn, so I would have my camera and other essentials in easy reach of my front basket, but it all worked just fine!

About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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11 Responses to Summer Streets, Had Me a Blast!

  1. Julie says:

    It was so nice to meet you. Have a lovely week.

  2. Meso says:

    wonderful meeting you too hun! ❤ xoxo thanks for the mention

  3. Meso says:

    lol and my picture is pretty darn funny hahaha!

  4. Meso says:

    haha i just got the title too! so funny cause my bikes name is sandra dee! xD

  5. Julie, thanks again for arranging the meet up, it was so thoughtful of you to do so.
    Meso & Sandra Dee – a delightful pair to meet!

  6. Kara says:

    This is beyond amazing. I am so jealous of your Summer Street adventures.

  7. Dottie says:

    This does look amazing! I really wish Trisha and I had been able to check it out during our visit, but we were in Brooklyn that day. I love the “I Bike Polite” sign. 🙂

  8. It was such a pleasure meeting you. Thankfully I found you by stalking Julies page…again 😛
    Let me know when you are in the city next for another meetup.


  9. Susan says:

    Oh I love the photographs. And I sure wish I’d been there…I do miss being in NYC – I used to be able to come up several times a month. No longer.

    I finally have internet back on at home & so I’m catching up here. Stay safe w/Irene on her unwelcome way:(


  10. Dottie and Susan, Summer Streets is fun and festive! Maybe next year you will be able to attend one. I hope so! Kim, it was so nice meeting you and Houdini. Looking forward to it again!

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