Junk in the Trunk? Bontrager Interchanger City Trunk for Trek

With only a few days to go before leaving for my trip (Womantours: Finger Lakes), I realized I needed a back rack and bag!  Last year I used a rented bike that came equipped with a rear rack and storage (Womantours: Grand Teton Valley) and so I hadn’t really thought a lot about this.

Knowing I would carry my camera, a jacket, tissues, sunscreen, a rain poncho, and more I wanted something fairly large.



And luckily for meI found exactly that:  The Bontrager Interchange City Trunk, with 803 cubic inches of storage!

And while it wouldn’t be my choice of a bag if I weren’t on a bicycle, I like that I could easily put on the shoulder strap and bring it indoors with me as I stopped at shops, and at a museum.

With just a press of a button, the “city trunk” could be removed and off my bike!

About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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