Esperanza, Bluff Point NY

Tuesday’s destination was Esperanza Mansion, in Bluff Point.  To get to Esperanza, the group rode 48.3 miles, covering quite a few hills, through the lovely little town of Hammondsport.  The Esperanza Mansion was charming, offering splendid views of Lake Keuka.  It was a perfect setting to relax and just take in nature’s beauty with your senses.

The View from Esperanza Mansion    Many of us hopped in the SAG vehicle for a side trip to see the “Little Chapel on the Mount”.  Jen said this was something you would not want to miss, and truly – it was a highlight of the day, if not trip.  This chapel was built by the Garrett family as a memorial to one of their sons.  Built in the 1930s, it looks as if it is from the fifth or sixth century.


Dinner was at a lovely lakeside restaurant.


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2 Responses to Esperanza, Bluff Point NY

  1. Dottie says:

    Wow, that is so beautiful. I love the idea of taking a long sight-seeing tour like that. I should look around my area for something similar before the summer’s over.

  2. Thanks Dottie, it really is as serene and beautiful as it looks! I am most likely going to be in Chicago at the end of next week and looking into this:
    Do you have any advice on it?

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