Year in Review – Four Seasons of Bicycle Blogging Mosaics

along my way

I started this little blog one year ago today.  I was brand new to the blogging world, but was inspired by other bicycle bloggers who shared fun, upbeat, informative news and ideas and great photos. (Thank you Lets Go Ride A Bike, and Simply Bikes).  I hoped I’d find a blog like those, with info and possibly events in my area (Long Island, NY).  Since I did not discover one, Inspiredcyclist was born.  The picture in my header is from July, 2010 – with my electra cruiser.  Unbeknownst to me I joined the “Slow Bike Movement” seven or eight years ago when I purchased a dream of a bike!

   I’ve been through many changes this year, below are several related to cycling:

  • now having more than one bike;
  • traveling across the country to take a bike tour without   knowing any of the group (totally fabulous btw);
  • the boardwalk debacle -which makes me more cautious ,  less able to smile, and also very aware of true friends        (Love you JP, Marita, Jenn, Carol/BFF, Robyn, Jill, and      Nicole L.);
  • attending cycling related events, and being warmly   welcomed by the NYC bike community (Tx Noa, Liz, and   Sheryl);
  • improving my tech skills, and “meeting” so many               talented, helpful, inspiring bloggers; (Marc, Noa, Jessica C, Amanda  Stephanie, Mikael, S, Dottie & Tricia, Kara, T, & Velouria, & nonbike related Susan of Giuliageranium
  • becoming even more passionate about cycling, and our     environment;
  • learning more about the infrastructure of cities, and the politics involved in it all;
  • learned about Adventure Cycling, and joined;
  • purchasing and wearing jeggings ;
  • discovering I now ask  myself “Wait, can I bike in these?” before  purchasing new shoes!  (Ta Da!)

With winter's ice, I stayed indoors a lot!

Snapshots of Spring, 2011

About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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7 Responses to Year in Review – Four Seasons of Bicycle Blogging Mosaics

  1. Julie says:

    I can’t believe your poor face got so beat-up! That’s awful. I probably wouldn’t have been strong enough to go on. I’m glad you are!

  2. Joodie says:

    Quite a year you have had girlfriend. I love seeing all of your photos of your adventures and new friends! One of these days, I will join you….

  3. Susan says:

    Happy blog-birthday-sary. Or something;)

    It’s been so nice to meet you here & on the twitterz.


  4. Nicole says:

    Maureen you’re such a beautiful person inside and out… Your blog has come a long way in a yearr! So beautifully put together with great information for fellow bikers and greattt pictures… Its almost serene to look at it! I can’t wait to go biking w you one day this summer! Keep the great posts coming and I’m honored to be mentioned! Hope you’re having a great time! Xoxo

  5. Kara says:

    YAY! What an amazing year. It has been so amazing to get to know you and your bikes.

  6. Sue says:

    Happy 1 year blogging anniversary. Even though I’m new to reading your blog I’ve enjoyed it thus far. The title is perfect because you do inspire us all. The bike love certainly comes across.

  7. Thanks all for reading, and coming along for the ride! The last few days my only riding has been on a stationary bike. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (a temporary paralysis of the right side of my face), but will update on a few things shortly. Hope you are enjoying tailwinds!

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