Get Ready to Roll, Summer is Here!

Today is the official longest day of the year, known as “Summer Solstice”.  I’m looking forward to a summer of lovely and scenic rides.  I am off on a bike tour of NY’s Finger Lakes region beginning Sunday, with , which I’m hoping will be the first of many  l o n g e r   bike rides of the summer.

 To make the most of these rides, I needed to get a few things – back rack, bag, new bike computer, etc.  I can’t find the “just right” handlebar bag with cue sheet holder, but I have some ideas of how I might manage with an “okay” bag for now.

I have two separate lists forming in my mind: essentials/and would be nice to bring.  Any suggestions?

In honor of the first day of a summer, please share some of your ideas for summer rides!


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Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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4 Responses to Get Ready to Roll, Summer is Here!

  1. Enjoy your ride! I’ve been wanting to do a long ride, but no telling when I actually will… Happy longest day of the year!

    • Thanks Jessica! I hope you get to do a long ride soon. This trip is rated for “moderate” cyclists, with rides from 27 – 48 miles. It’s longer than I’ve been doing in a while, but my legs are strong and willing!

  2. that girl says:

    I’ve been circling the finger lakes since I moved to upstate NY – some of the best cycling, I’d say. Prepare your shifting skills for those rolling hills and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!! and, thanks for visiting my site!

    • Sara, I’m nervous about the hills. Long Island is fairly flat, and I had an accident after I signed up for this trip last fall, and didn’t prepare myself as I should have! We’ll be in Geneva, Watkins Glenn, and Bluff Point. I’d like to check out some women’s history in Seneca Falls! Any further suggestions of places to check out?
      And do plan exploring your blog! Great stuff!

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