Bicycling in Broadway Bike Lines, NYC

Broadway Bound!

Introductions were made, and hands were shook, as many New York bicyclists met each other for the first time  Thurdsay evening, ready to ride and participate in the Short Skirt Celebration Ride, organized by Mikael   and spearheaded by Liz Patek (twitter: @bikepeaceny )

The group began to gather around Columbus Circle about 7:00 pm, and as we shared ride details, we had the opportunity to chat, smile and laugh.  One of the coolest things of the evening was that we were such a diverse group – with many ages and cycling experiences present, and yet all bonded so quickly as we rolled down Broadway.

“They say there’s always magic in the air on Broadway”, and there certainly was that night.  People, who had only met 30 minutes before,  had each others’ backs, if someone fell behind, or didn’t have their rear light on, another cyclist  informed them, or the group.  Safety first, was the  essential rule.  Additionally, when you are cycling, you have time to truly  notice your surroundings, and  can engage in meaningful conversations are just three of the reasons why it is such a wonderful, upbeat activity.

YoTom and Kotton Kandy Licorice Ready To Roll!

Katie (a photographer) and Chris (a reporter) from Gothamist  (Katie with YoTom in above photo) both  took part in the ride as a way to cover it fully.   Katie’s enthusiasm and energy alone could have lit up the Empire State Building!

Broadway Lane Ride is Over, Now Commuting Home on the Brompton Begins


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9 Responses to Bicycling in Broadway Bike Lines, NYC

  1. Kara says:

    Amazing! I cannot even imagine biking on Broadway. It looks like it was a great time.

  2. I had a wonderful time, but was so glad I was in a group navigating the cars/taxis and pedestrians!

  3. Mike says:

    I wouldn’t mind meeting that Kotton Kandy Licorice out on a bike ride! (Or at least seeing a few more photos 😉

  4. PaddyAnne says:

    I think its great that some of the guys got into wearing skirts too! Good idea, in response to the recent NY police attack on them!

  5. The two guys who put on skirts were so nice, friendly, and really watched out for everyone. They were an asset to the group!

  6. Sue says:

    How fun! This put a smile on my face.

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