Cutest Bike Basket Accessory

This Memorial Day Weekend brought with it lovely weather to be celebrating outdoors. Sunday and Monday both came with warm temperatures and sunshine, that brought me and many others to Long Beach for a lovely brunch (Sunday – Lola’s) or a delicious dinner followed by a ride on the boardwalk (Monday) near Magnolia Street.

I brought my Trek, because we had two other bikes on the bike trailer, and the Trek is so light I can easily put it in the back of my car. It rides like a dream, but I didn’t think in advance I do not have a basket on this bike, and so I hung my camera lens off my handlebar.

Perhaps because I didn’t have a basket, I was more aware of other baskets, and noticed several people riding with their pups. All were well behaved, and dogs and owners alike seemed to enjoy savoring the ocean breeze and sightseeing tremendously. I saw a couple with a daschund in their front basket, and a man with a large dog riding in a basket behind the rider. And along came this white poodle, out for an evening’s adventure! All the dogs were very well behaved, and adorable!

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4 Responses to Cutest Bike Basket Accessory

  1. Kara says:

    My memorial day was cold and rainy, so I am going to live vicariously through you and your lovely and beachy day. And that dog is so darling to just sit there like that. Just chillin’.

  2. Oh sorry Kara, wished you had amazing sunshine and blue skies! All the dogs were so good! I wish I was able to take the daschund’s photo, he was adorable. Maybe next weekend you will have nicer cycling weather!

  3. Sue says:

    Cute Basket and pup. Bike rides along the beach – I so love that. Our beaches and board walks get so congested; it makes it difficult to ride. Looks like Long Beach has a lot more open space for walkers and cyclists.

    • Long Beach has a lane for cyclists all year. I live right by another beach, Jones Beach, but bicycles are only allowed for a few months during late fall and early spring. Long Beach is a lot of fun, with such a diverse group of bicyclists – from people with pets, low bikes, tall bikes, etc!

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