Uplifting Cycling Tale: Goal Setting, Dedication, Teamwork and Committment

I had the fortunate pleasure of being in the audience last Saturday, when Bill Strickland of Bicycling magazine facilitated a discussion with Ryan Oelkers and one of the members of Shoemaker Charter School’s cycling team.  (I apologize, but the acoustics were poor and I couldn’t catch the student’s name.)  Ryan Oelkers, the executive director of Cadence Cycling Foundation, began teaching competitive cycling to inner city youths.  As if it were a fairy tale, magical things began to happen.  Overweight students trimmed down as a result of riding, and then deciding to make healthier food choices.  Additionally tying cycling in with education assisted students with taking SAT prep courses, providing help with college essays and visits.  Skills obtained and developed as part of the program:  goal setting, dedication, teamwork, and commitment all  played a significant role in aiding students in receiving scholarships to outstanding universities!  Lives were, and continue to be transformed as a result of caring individuals, and bikes!  Can’t get much better than that!  The June issue of Bicycling has a much more extensive article on the program, if you’d like to learn more.



Fairy Tales can come true!

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