Bells and Pedals Rock New Amsterdam!

Embracing the lifestyleSteadfast cyclists had a rare day of utopia having the opportunity to experience firsthand  outstanding bicycles and bike related products,  “Ridestyle” a bicycle fashion show, and explore the evolving world of cycling with knowledgeable, informative panelists on a beautiful April day in Manhattan.  The New Amsterdam Bike Show was the perfect antidote for the dreary start to spring, I left with my body, mind and spirit renewed!

Dutch bike manufacturers such as Gazelle were in attendance, and open to test rides.  Old favorites such as  Trek was there, along with New York’s Adeline Adeline, Rolling Orange, Bamboo Bike Studio, NYC Flying Pigeon, and oh so many more with great gears and gadgets.

New Model

I am a fan (and owner) of Nutcase helmets, and loved their “nut tree” display with artistic, colorful helmets adorning the branches.  Michael Morrow was a delight, as he posed for photos, and we chatted about my desire to find the perfect complimentary vintage helmet for my black Pashley Princess.  He shared the prototype clay version of one of next year’s models, as well as exhibited a special helmet made for the bike show.

Michael from Nutcase

The “Ridestyle” fashion show was all about riding your bike as you see fit to go about your day, and live your life, no need for a special cycling wardrobe consisting of  shiny lycra.   This show attracted quite an enthusiastic crowd, most snapping photos.  I only have a few good shots, due to the visibility where I was standing.  Ron, standing next to me, leaned over and said, “I love how cycling has gone mainstream.”  YES!

*Google mail is not cooperating at the moment, I have a picture from my phone of the passionate bike activist, actor, writer, producer Matthew Modine that hasn’t arrived.  I posted it yesterday on twitpic, but once I figure out why googlemail isn’t my friend today, I will post it.

I hope to spotlight some of the cycling charity organizations represented at the show in the near future. Still my favorite part was a seminar I attended, was meeting enlightened, inspiring, fun, friendly people.  Cyclists are so passionate about people, the environment, and of course their chosen rides! More on that to come in the following days.   


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Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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2 Responses to Bells and Pedals Rock New Amsterdam!

  1. Kara says:

    Jealous! I am so glad I can attend the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show vicariously through you. So thank you. I might have to make special plans to go next year. It looks so fun!

    And I agree. I want a classic, vintage-y looking helmet for my Pashley.

    • Hey Kara, still working on a few things on the blog when I saw your comment. I planned on writing to you later to check in with you. Have you been riding? Also, someone asked you about a Utah Bike Summit, are you going to attend?
      I have so much more to say about a seminar on “Building a Better City through Bike-Centric Blogs” but too much for this post.
      And I have lots of rooms, so book your airline tickets!!!

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