Taking the Challenge

Today was dreary, rainy and grey!  I drove home (in my car) around 4:30 and needed to get changed and be somewhere else by 6:15 (a school talent show, taking part in the faculty act). As I was riding I thought about what a shame it was that I wasn’t going to participate in the 30 days of biking challenge 30daysofbiking.com  And I realized, if I really wanted to get on my bike today, a little drizzle and the lack of a lot of time, shouldn’t stop me.  I wore a bright lime green rain jacket, a tie-dyed pink scarf, cream corduroys, boots, and my trusty helmet.  I imagined myself in rainy London, so I rode my pashley princess. I only rode for about 15 minutes, but now I think I will be more determined to ride tomorrow as well!  Who else is in?


About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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2 Responses to Taking the Challenge

  1. Dottie says:

    Awesome! I can’t do the challenge because I’ll be out of town the last two weeks of April, but I’m excited to follow along with others.

    Also, the pink looks so good with the bright lime green. What a great way to make a rain coat look stylish!

    • Thanks Dottie, the scarf isn’t tied to well in that shot. I still keep thinking – spring, and so the colors do help. Hope you are going somewhere fun. And even if I don’t do all 30, atleast it is making me make the effort to ride, even on a day like yesterday – when I thought I didn’t have enough time. A little ride is still refreshing and clears my mind!

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