Not Quite Copenhagen –


Is New York too New York for bike lanes?

This title to an article by Matthew Shaer in New York magazine dated March 28th, hooked me right in.  My entire life has been lived in the boroughs of NYC, or on Long Island.  Yet, there was lots of history, squabbles, and statistics I was unaware of, and found quite interesting.  New vocabulary too – “bikeification.” I think this article will appeal to many – regardless of what side of the fence ahem lane you are on.  Some of it even read like a novel about espionage, with anti bike lane lobbying by some of the “most powerful residents of Park Slope”, a law firm that represented George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore in 2000, and “expensive spy cameras” taping the bike traffic lanes from apartment windows.  If you have some time, want to learn more about the issues,  and $4.99 in your pocket – get reading!  It’s well worth it!

It's a lot more than a squabble!Have you read this article? If so, what surprised you the most?


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3 Responses to Not Quite Copenhagen –

  1. Spy cameras outside windows? Hadn’t heard this one before. Would be curious to see what the footage showed.

  2. Karen says:

    I’ve been following this story for a while in the Times and it’s just really strange. All this anger over bicycles? Really? We get a little of that out my way too though. Someone sent in a letter to the Phoenix paper complaining that because of bike lanes and light rail that Phoenix is no longer a car friendly city!

  3. I agree Karen, it’s really strange! Lovely Bicycle – the whole thing sounds just bizarre.

    The article said about one of the leaders in the movement to do away with the bike lane: “In October, she purchased an expensive spy camers; after attempts to film the lane from her own apartment ran into technical difficulties, she moved the rig to the house of a neighbor. A shiny MacBook Pro plays footage from the lane, and Hainline often sits in her office listening to her Pandora stations and counting the number of cyclists passing by with a handheld clicker.”

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