Cycling in Japan 1953, and ideas for Now!

The heartbreaking tragedy of Japan lingers in my thoughts. Right before I went to bed last night I edited photos from “Jump for Japan” a successful fundraiser held at my school this week.

I woke up this morning with an underlying need to search through an old file of family photos, searching for a photo of my dad (now deceased) riding a bike in Florida.  I had no rhyme or reason for this, nor am I sure I even have this photo in my possession.

Imagine my surprise at finding several 2” x 3” black and white photos of him with friends cycling through Japan in 1953!  He must have been on leave from the navy, and he was with buddies riding bikes, and giving candy to kids.

I’m constantly fascinated by how amazing our minds are!  Surely, in my subconscious I was aware of these photos, and since I went to bed thinking about Japan and its people, I must have remembered these in my sleep.

❤ Dad, your good, generous heart is remembered.

If you are interested, here are some wonderful ways to reach out and let the people of Japan know there is hope, and that people care about them.  The only cost involved is your time. This is a very easy way to write to school children in Japan messages of hope!  Volunteers are translating the letters to Japanese and sending them to shelters. By making and sending paper cranes (a sacred symbol in Japanese culture) you can help this group send $200,000 to victims of the epic earthquake and tragic tsunami!

Unfortunately I do not have access to my scanner currently, so I took the pictures to STAPLES.  I’m terribly disappointed in the quality of the scans, so I will only post one picture.  I will hope to scan them myself later this week.

folded paper crane for earthquake relief in japan


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4 Responses to Cycling in Japan 1953, and ideas for Now!

  1. Traci says:

    So neat – love those photos!

  2. Hey Traci – how are you doing? I will post the other photos soon. I was able to do a decent job scanning them at work. I wanted to show them to my students. We are reading Sadako and the Thousand Cranes, which takes place from 1945 – 55 in Japan, and today having a origami crane making party – listening to Songs for Japan, making origami cranes for, and of course having a snack or two!

  3. Dottie says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful find. Old family photos are the best and this one sure is special.

    • I have a few more I will post, one of a “school boy” in Japan on his bike, and of other children, all so sweet looking. I wish the quality was better to see the details up close.

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