Jeggings (the newly formed word says it all)

Three on a tree is better than none at home.

Looking for flexible, comfortable cycling clothes?

Stretch jeans, aka jeggings are the quintessential pants, so comfy and stylish even Conan wore them to strut his stuff on his show.  NY DailyNews link

Several decades past my slimmer teen years, I was apprehensive about even shopping for them, remembering the “Glamour Don’t” photos from my youth, but two friends (fate and karma) intervened.

$1.99 in clearance - O.NWhen I found a pair of stretch denims on the clearance rack at Old Navy, minus a price tag, I thought, hmmm perhaps this is a sign.  I was unsure if I’d make the purchase, til the salesclerk told me they’d be $1.99. I automatically added them to my purchases.  The zippered bottoms could be a plus or a minus, depending on your footwear options.  They are okay with boots, but I don’t know about with flats. Also, they became a bit saggy and baggy shortly after dressing.  I have put them in the dryer, but it hasn’t helped enough.

9.99 at O.N.

Pair # 2 were $9.99 again at Old Navy (originally $29.50).  The label simply says “Old Navy Jeggings”, on the waistband, then “pull on waist, super skinny leg, super stretch.”  Made with an elastic pull on waist, they lack a zipper or front pockets.  They retained their shape nicely, and you could easily cycle or curl up on the couch in them comfortably.  When I washed this pair, I hung them to dry.

My third version, with a button closure and zip fly, were $29.50, and they looked more like a typical pair of jeans.  They’re part of the dark wash blues collection.  They also held their shape all day.  However while they felt more structured (in a good way) they were totally flexible and bendable!  These are my favorite of the three pairs by far!

I am now thinking of buying another $29.50 pair, since I like them so much better than the other two.  Or I may simply buy another brand.  I have a somewhat long torso, and short inseam for my 5’ 5” height, so now that I know I will find them wearable (with a long shirt in my case) I may invest a little more time and money.

In conclusion, stretch jeans or jeggings are an excellent affordable option for casual riding to an event, for recreational fun or for transportation.  You can still look neat, and stylish when pedaling as well as when you arrive at your destination!

Kara: mentioned a love/hate relationship, I am intrigued. Samantha’s thoughts from several weeks ago can be found here:,   and Dottie looked fabulous in a pair on Valentine’s Day

Your thoughts on jeggings?  


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6 Responses to Jeggings (the newly formed word says it all)

  1. Kara says:

    My love/hate relationship is this. I love them from mid-thigh down and the fact they are PERFECT for riding bikes. I hate them from mid-thigh up. They look kinda odd and weird on me. But all is solved with tunics and mini-dresses. If I wear a long top then, jeggings and I are BFFs.

    You are looking darling and stylish in yours!

  2. Well then Kara, you and I feel the same way, from mid-thigh down jeggings are terrific for riding. And for me tunics, long sweaters or blouses are jeggings BFFs4EVR. Then jeggings and I can just be BFFs. Thanks for filling me in, and your sweet compliment.

  3. Hi, found you via Ravely and noticed you’re from NY. I live upstate and I am determined to get back into biking as soon as the snow melts. I have been enjoying searching the online bike community. I love your bike!

    How funny that I just tried a pair of the same style pants on today and thought about them for biking. My thought was, “sigh, if it was 20 years ago these would look great.” I probably needed a smaller size because they were baggy in a weird way at the top, and they were $69.99. But you have inspired my to keep my eyes out for more because I love denim and they look great on you and we appear to have the same figure! Thanks!

  4. Hi Melissa, so glad you found inspiredcyclist! Isn’t the online bike community great? I love reading about others experiences, and all the bicycle photos! Where are you upstate? I’m pretty familiar with the Catskill area, and today heading up to visit a son at New Paltz. Do you have a lot of hills to conquer?
    Jeggings? The 3rd pair I reviewed, the ones I liked best are now $17.50 at Old Navy. I didn’t want to spend much, because I wasn’t sure if I’d really find them wearable. They are perfect for riding! I hope you get to go cycling soon! Oh, are you a knitter or crocheter?

  5. Karen says:

    I am not a fan of jeggings – at least on me. In my 20’s and early 30’s black leggins were part of my weekend uniform but I had very muscular legs then and I’ve lost just enough muscle mass at 48 that I feel self-conscious in them now. Jeggings just look like really tight jeans to me and I really don’t care for skinny jeans. Generally, I think most people look best and the most comfortable in fitted clothing but skin tight, not so much.

    • Karen, what I found them great for is the flexibility when riding. I still can look neat, wear flat shoes, and lift my bike on my bike rack, and pedal. And I think a long shirt is a MUST for me!

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