These Boots were Made for Biking

Rampage boots

Blue sky, black boots, slush all over

Last week’s blanket of crystal white snow is now melting into messy, dirty slushy puddles.  But the skies were a beautiful bright blue today, with temperatures here in NY in the low 40s, and I knew a ride today would be good for my heart and my soul.  And that’s just what I did after I bowl of yummy and nutritious oatmeal, recipe from

Yummy and nutritious

My outfit was quite different than last week; just a pair of yoga pants, a long sleeved tee, a fleece vest, a crocheted scarf given to me by a dear friend,  and my trusty helmet – all accompanied by a brave pair of boots to deal with the puddlepalooza.  I picked up this pair of Rampage boots last night at DSW for a day like today.  Besides the waterproof composition, I thought the ridges on the soles would provide the perfect antidote to slipping and sliding.  Bike shoes were fine with last week’s frigid temperatures, but not quite right for managing on slushy streets.  I have to say, I was pleased with the boots, and the ride was a perfect remedy for winter blues.

If you are managing to ride these days, do you have footwear suggestions to add?  If so, please do!

I plan to post a part two to yesterday’s mail call post, later this week.  However, this will involve cycling events I’ve learned about through email.   Feel free to share info about upcoming events which you are aware of!


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Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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2 Responses to These Boots were Made for Biking

  1. dottie says:

    Those boots are so cute and the sole traction looks perfect. Finding boots that are both cute and utilitarian is always a challenge. DSW is where I bought my snow boots. They have a great selection. Every year in the spring I say that I need to buy rain boots; this year maybe I actually will.

  2. DSW and Marshall’s are my top two sources for shoes. I actually have a great spring pair of waterproof type shoes (Sporto brand I think), that I wear in the spring! I have them at work right now, but one day I’ll post about them.
    With all your biking you absolutely need and deserve rain boots! Go for it!

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