Giving Thanks…

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.  Albert Schweitzer

     So thanks to Dottie and Trish of LGRB, S of Simply Bike,,
Tracy of  Just Like Riding a Bike, Sarah of Girls and Bicyles, the  entire team of Woman Tours (especially Linda, Laurie, Jenn, and Gloria), and good friends  who continue to inspire me, and rekindle my inner spirit!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Won’t you share who rekindles your spirit??? 

Giving Gratitude

Giving Gratitude

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Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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8 Responses to Giving Thanks…

  1. Traci says:

    That’s so sweet – I feel honored to be on your list 🙂 I’m thankful for you and all the folks I’ve “met” through blogging also! It’s funny that I feel as if I know more about some people than those I’ve actually met in real life! Happy Thanksgiving – hope you have a nice, restful holiday!

  2. Dottie says:

    Aw, thank you!

    Love the Pash. 🙂

  3. maggie says:

    What kind of bike rack is in the photo? Is it easy to attach to your car?

    • Hi Maggie,
      I copied and pasted this from the REI site. My husband bought the rack as a birthday gift for me. I needed to get a hitch put on my car, and then it is easy enough. I kept the rack on most of the fall. Hope this helps!

      The Thule T2 hitch mount has a convenient rear platform carrier to accommodate 2 bikes regardless of frame design, suspension or wheel size.
      •Offers quick rear loading in seconds, with no need to remove wheels
      •SecureHook™ arm holds the front bike tire (not the frame) securely in place; no contact with frame means your bike doesn’t get scratched
      •Tilt-down design has Hitch Switch™ dual quick-release levers for easy access to rear of vehicle and fast storage of bike arms when not in use
      •Reinforced tray features rust-free protection; tray fits 20- to 29-in. wheels and up to 3-in. wide tires
      •The included Snug-Tite™ II lock secures your rack to the receiver; hardwear, lock cyclinders, 2 lock keys and 1 change key included
      •The Thule T2 hitch mount carries bikes up to 60 lbs., or 100 lbs. total (based on the 1.25 in. hitch size)

      • maggie says:

        Thanks for the info. I already have the hitch and a 17 yr old bike rack that fits on the hitch. However, I now own a much heavier bike. I don’t feel comfortable taking the bike on the car, with current rack, when driving over 45 mph.

        I’ll check out yours at my local REI.


      • Maggie,
        My other bike rack was proably about 18 years old! However it wouldn’t work on my current car, which is why I got a new one. Good luck shopping. I can find out where my husband bought it, he shopped around for a good price, and bought it online. HTH!

  4. maggie says:

    I’m online now looking at prices. No need to ask your husband. Thanks for your help.

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