Tour de Tetons Ends : (


My Dream Business

On Friday afternoon, after cycling down from Grand Targhee back to Driggs, I stopped at this amazing little store:  Magpie.  As I stated to the owner, “This is my dream store!”  It was full of beautiful beads and shiny gems, scarves, jewelry supplies, and a workspace.

The group met about a mile from the condos at a yoga studio.  It was a perfect accompaniment to our bike tour, with a chance to stretch out all our muscles, and relax our minds.

We were invited to the founder of the tour company’s picturesque cabin for a delicious salmon dinner, and lots of stories and laughs.  Gloria’s house was warm, and homey, much like her!  The next day she even rode a bit with us on her recumbent.  She is a very gracious and gifted woman, with great insight and vision.

Saturday morning came much too soon.  After a hearty oatmeal breakfast, we had a choice of rides – 20 or 40 miles, cruising through Idaho farmlands, barely fields, and canyons.  Then we gathered for lunch and goodbyes at Laurie and Linda’s condo.  Bags were packed, bikes were put on top of vans, emails and hugs were exchanged, and we were all off to separate locations from NY to CA. 

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Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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  1. simplybike says:

    Maureen, this trip sounds amazing. And I am so impressed that you just signed up and went without a friend or buddy. I think it’s wonderful that you just trusted in your ability to go and figure this out on your own and make friends along the way. I’m really inspired by you! I hope to do something similar at some point as well.

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