Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Lake, the Idaho

Jackson Lake Lodge

Room with a view

On Thursday we rode back to Jackson Hole, and while I think most of us were sad to leave Jackson Lake Lodge and its awe inspiring beauty, the ride back was mostly downhill.  The sky was a vivid blue with puffy white cotton balls for clouds.  I enjoyed this ride immensely, in part, because I pretty much knew what to expect ahead, since it was almost the same way we rode to Jackson Lake, just slightly shorter.  I felt more confident, and was so very filled with gratitude for being there!  Right before entering Jackson Hole, the guides had set up a refreshing picnic for us, and then it was time to put the bikes on the van and head off to Driggs, Idaho.


Ready to Roll!

About half of the shuttle ride to Driggs was uphill in the van.  Then we stopped on top of the hill at a scenic overlook, and several of us chose to ride down, which was awesome!  The condos were lovely, with four of us sharing a unit.  We headed off to a nice restaurant right at Driggs airport (Warbirds) decorated with airplane ephemera.  Once again dinner was delicious, and we had tons of laughs.  Wind kicked up outside, and we watched the lightening and rain, glad to be inside. 

Friday morning, after a delicious healthy breakfast (frittata, fruit, granola, toast, juice) it was time to head over to Targhee…all uphill, about 15 miles away I think.  Three of the group wanted to ride it, and Linda accompanied them.  Laurie (and the rest of us) checked in with them a few times as they rode, in case they wanted to get in the van.  At the resort, we saw the mountains from a different view point. Some of us hiked, some took the chair lift to the top, and three people went horseback riding!  There were a lot of mountain bikers there, it was interesting to see how they hook their bikes on the chair lifts, ride up with them, and then bike down. 





...on the road?

Condos we stayed in

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5 Responses to Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Lake, the Idaho

  1. I had a very difficult time lining up pictures, and captions for some reason. Sorry. My final words, were more about Friday and Saturday tomorrow, which ended up as a caption on a picture which I finally removed.

  2. Traci says:

    Gorgeous scenery!! The bike tour sounds like so much fun! I’d do one in a heartbeat if it was like this one 🙂

    • Traci, the way I am posting pictures isn’t doing the scenery justice. I think you would very much enjoy the experience, you love biking and probably have a lot more stamina than me. I live five miles away from the Atlantic Ocean, right at sea level, and I am sure I am quite a bit older than you, and I managed pretty well – but really 35 miles or so was my limit for a day – which puts me as a beginner.

  3. simplybike says:

    Beautiful views of the mountain – I’m so jealous! I was at the Grand Tetons camping last summer and it’s such a beautiful place, I’d love to be back there and riding bikes. Sounds like a wonderful trip. S.

  4. S, then you know it truly was beautiful! (And luckily everyone was extremely friendly, unlike a recent experience you had). Some of the women on the tour have a goal of biking in each of the 50 states. You’ve traveled so many places, where else would you like to ride your bike?

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