Getting fitted to our bikes


I decided to sign up for this tour not knowing a soul, and as a true novice, having never been on a bike tour.  But the dates worked out perfectly, the locations of Wyoming and Idaho were two places I’ve never traveled to, but thought I’d like to visit, it was rated for beginner/medium and as an added bonus it included a yoga session.

From the time I met up with the guide leaders and other cyclists I knew I made a great decision.  We were measured and fitted to bikes (those of us who chose to rent) and went out to dinner on the first evening in the busy little town of Jackson Hole.  Conversation flowed easily and we all went to sleep at a nearby hotel anticipating the next day.

Stopping at the entrance sign to the Grand Teton National Park

We woke up to a blue sky on Tuesday morning and headed down to the breakfast room, as we gathered and began to discuss the day’s itinerary the sky began to darken and then the rain began to POUR down.  Laurie and Linda, the guides, made the decision to post pone the ride for an hour or so, and as we headed out for our first day the rain had stopped and the sky had brightened.  We were given cue cards with the route we were traveling, and Laurie drove the SAG van (which held our luggage)and Linda rode with us, through Grand Teton National Park, all the way to Jackson Lake Lodge, where we would spend two nights in cabins.  The ride was about 35 miles with plenty of interesting, beautiful places to stop along the way!  All were required to wear helmets, and most work bike jerseys, shorts, and gloves!  Much of what we rode along were bike paths, but we rode in bike lanes along regular streets as well.  While riding along I kept thinking how fortunate I was to have the opportunity and the health to be able to participate in this trip and experience this!

We went to dinner that evening in the Mural Dining Room of the Lodge, with spectacular mountain views as well as delicious food.  The next day consisted of breakfast at the lodge, a bike workshop where we learned about gears, fixing our chains, repairing flat tires, and probably more!  Later we went on a 10 mile pontoon boat ride along the Snake River and saw eagles, and a moose, as well as magnificent views of the Tetons!  While we were back in our cottages, cleaning up a little, the earth shook – we experienced a 4.8 on the Richter scale earthquake!  Dinner was a barbecue back at the lodge, with vegetable options for those of us who do not eat meat.  The evening’s atmosphere was relaxed, fun and low key, a perfect way to end a perfect day.


More tomorrow on heading back to Jackson Hole, then onto Idaho!



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  1. Dottie says:

    Wow, this looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to do one of these tours. I’m glad to hear that you liked your group and leader. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about this.

    • maureen says:

      Honestly Dottie, I can’t say enough about the trip! One of my friends said it was like my own: Eat, Love, Pray…Not exactly…but it was absolutely awe inspiring! Feel free to email me any questions you have! I will update in the morning, as I need to organize the pictures.

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