Ugly ducklings and ratfinks!

      Still learning the ins and outs of wordpress, and hopefully blogging etiquette today.  I wanted to wait til late afternoon to ride today, to take advantage of the shade.  One of the beautiful things about pedaling along, is it gives us a chance to notice the simple, beautiful things all around us.  I have lots of pictures from my little ride (about 5 – 6 miles)…but you may want to shut your eyes as you read further…be forewarned!

Summer still life

The road less taken

Patriotic Neighborhood


patriotic front porch

patriotic front porch

Fluffy clouds floating on the lake

clouds floating on the lake

a better shot…

cloud reflections

Closer view of cloud reflections

and then I saw the swan swimming in the distance

The ugly duckling was a beautiful swan the whole time

I thought, hmmm, can I get closer…and a rabbit ran across my path

Bunny blended in nature

Okay…here is the scary part, I heard more leaves stirring and was startled by this guy!


This guy scampered on the log right in front of me!

I wasn’t able to get closer to the swan either.  Regardless my mood was summed up by this adorable jeep (and the wheelcover matched my shirt)!

Summarizes my mood...and matched my shirt


About inspiredcyclist

Enthusiastic about riding my cruiser bike for fun and health!
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4 Responses to Ugly ducklings and ratfinks!

  1. great photos and post that ties them all together : )

  2. Dottie says:

    Lovely photos – looks like you live in a beautiful area and are taking full advantage of it with your bicycle!

    • Thanks…I think when we look for beauty around us, we can find it…I know you do that all the time, when you are looking at other bicyclists and smiling, and encouraging us to decorate our bikes!

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